Product description

Wireless temperature and strength sensor for concrete

SmartRock™ is an industry leading device for monitoring concrete temperature and strength on-site. This revolutionizing product allows you to build concrete structures faster, safer, and more economically. It is a modern piece of wireless technology and comes with a custom app. It has a documented effect on project schedule acceleration and savings. The smart design has created a trustworthy, tough and cost-efficient solution.

Areas of applications include:

  • Formwork removal timing
  • Post-tensioning
  • Monitoring temperature gradients in mass concrete
  • Optimizing curing conditions
  • Controlling quality in the field
  • Opening roads to traffic

For more details about SmartRock™ please download our product leaflet.


Download and read more about this product:

Product leaflet "SmartRock™ Wireless temperature and strength sensor for concrete"

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