Anordica has been part of the additive manufacturing revolution from its earliest stages and today we work with carefully selected professionals and have an extensive 3D-printing offer. Our offer ranges from production of prototypes to equipment sales. We offer support in design and material choices leading to a finished product or prototype.

We have an extensive and flexible offer ranging from production of prototypes: starting from design and material choices guiding you to a finished product. And also including sales of comprehensive 3D-printing technology, with top-of- the-range printers and materials.

Our manufacturing mainly focuses on metal prototypes for a broader and more flexible range of use. We work with materials such as: stainless steel 316L, aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg, tool steel, titanium alloy and cobalt-chrome. We also offer various plastics. In addition to this we provide help with design-software such as: CAD, SolidWorks, ProEngineering, etc.

We believe Additive Manufacturing can become an enormous time- and cost-saver for your business and we hope you won’t miss the chance to join us in learning about technology that will become a standard industrial practice in the near future. By adapting early, we offer your business a rare, competitive edge.

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